We are always happy to discuss the details of Pilla with you. Please call 01273 956186. In the meantime you may wish to read the text below to give you some guidance on what is right for you.

 We often get asked the difference between the two Outlaw models. Although an important question, unless the differences are pointed out, most users don't notice. Both fit the majority of users with no issues. To try and help your decision please see below.

- Width. The Outlaw X6 is 10mm wider and is a slightly flatter lens. The X7 curves round the side of the head more for a snug fit. Please see image above

Which is right for me? If you have a small head or a large head the choice is relatively simple. Large - X6, Small - X7. However, most people don't describe their head size as large or small, and it is more relevant to consider head width, so it can be more complex.


When to choose X6

If you are not sure, but don't have a small head.
If you want maximum ventilation
Is prescription a consideration? If so, the X6 is the more popular choice. The X7 can be used with prescription insert, but the user's pupil distance must be less than 63mm. You can find this on your prescription or ask someone to measure from the centre of one pupil to the other. More than 63mm? You need X6.


When to choose X7

You want a snug fit with no daylight interruption from the side.
If you have a large head don't rule out X7. If you don't have prominent cheekbones, and head width isn't large then X7 can work perfectly.


Still not sure? Don't worry, we offer 30 day returns. You can try at home and if the size isn't right we can swap them over. No problem.